Adventures in Mexico City

I just got back from Mexico City and I have to say… it was one of the best trips of my life! The city is so expansive, vibrant, and popping with culture and truly like Mexico’s NYC. There’s so much to do and see, unbelievable history to take in, and most importantly, some of the best restaurants in the world!


A taco shop by day and speakeasy by night!

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How to plan your wedding without losing your mind


I got engaged in February of this year and it has been such a whirlwind of emotions and events since. It was the most wonderful moment and surprise of my life and my fiancé truly pulled all the stops! He didn’t let on a thing, I was 100% surprised, he flew my entire family down from California, and he even turned the whole event into a surprise engagement party. It was unbelievable! However, since that glorious moment, I became a humongous stress ball! My biggest learning post-engagement: planning a wedding ain’t easy!

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Why Queer Eye is the best show on Netflix right now


Like many others across the country, I’ve been utterly overwhelmed and consumed, in a good great way, with Queer Eye. Queer Eye is a reboot of the original Queer Eye, and it’s so much better. The Fab Five are still on the explicit mission to revamp the lives of men (they’ve done one woman, too!). They help these men, be it straight, gay, looking for love, looking for inspiration, and everything in between, improve various elements of their lives like fashion, room & design, food & health, grooming, and cultural enlightenment. However, I firmly believe that the Fab Five’s primary goal is to build bridges, start uncomfortable conversations, and push themselves and others to come together in the understanding that we’re all human, regardless of our race, beliefs, gender, and sexuality. YAAAS, QUEEN!

Needless to say, the Fab Five have stolen my heart and I find myself channeling my inner Bobby-Karamo-Jonathan-Antoni-Tan when making decisions. These beyond elevated men are changing the way I approach situations. It’s okay to challenge yourself and others, it’s okay to admit to not knowing how to do something, it’s okay to let go, to live, and especially, to love.

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Things to do in Houston on the 4th of July


I am no longer a newbie resident of Houston, but I’m still working on getting adjusted to the idea that I’ll probably be here for years to come. I figured the best way to do so would be by making sure I’m setting out time to regularly explore and take advantage of all that Houston has to offer. Hence, I’ll be starting a new blogger series called “Explore Houston”! I’ll make some time each month to step out of the comfort of my home life and routine to explore some Houston treasures.

To start, I made a fun to-do list for activities that are taking place in Houston on the 4th of July. Hope you decide to take advantage of some of these!

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Erase the stigma of mental illness


After the loss of Anthony Bourdain, a lot of Millennials experienced a deep woe. As it is, many of us struggle with finding a vocation that brings us true happiness. We’re raised with the idea that we can do whatever we want. And more often than not, we’re told that true happiness is in exploration, cultural enlightenment, travel, and self-growth. And so naturally, in the wake of Bourdain’s death, a sentiment heard often is, “Anthony Bourdain was rich, a lively person, and traveling the entire world… he had everything, but he was unhappy. What hope is there for me?”

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The Sacred Act of Reading

Harry Potter and the Sacred Text

Reading is a sacred act for me. It’s a time that I disconnect from the exoteric world and envelop myself into the words on the page. Books are so important to my well-being that I consider it one of my values and responsibilities to spread that same love for reading to others.

As a reading teacher, I intentionally engage my students in a multitude of texts in hopes of expanding and exciting their minds and hearts. I show my students stories where the main characters are Hispanic, African-American and Asian-American, knowing that this representation gives them confirmation of their existence in this world. I carefully weave in stories about refugees, discrimination, religious persecution, and gender inequality in hopes of enlightening my students about the world around them. I do this because from reading I have learned some of life’s largest lessons and the words on a page have sometimes known me better than I’ve known myself.

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Relax then Reboot


Stress and anxiety run deep in my veins. I am very orderly and need things to be a certain way. I’m also a creative who likes to execute grand visions. Sometimes it’s difficult for me to get things done in small amounts of time because I need time to just think and overthink before I get to work. When I finally get to work, I have several drafts and aim for perfection. I put my all into my work, even sacrificing sleep on a regular basis to do a job well-done.

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