50 Simple Things that Make ME Happy

think happy be happy

People often say, if you think happy, you’ll be happy. With that in mind, I started thinking through things that make me really happy and came up with a list of 50. Some of these made me laugh, some made me smile, and just thinking this through immediately made me feel really happy! I felt rejuvenated to tackle my to-do list and hopefully I even spread some joy.

50 Simple Things that Make ME Happy

  1. 1. Coffee in the morning… and having time to enjoy it

2. Rose-scented lip balm

3.  A perfectly inky pen #MUJI

4. Curling up with a book on a rainy day

5. Taking a moment to look out the window

6. The magic of Excel spreadsheets

7. A song that fits my current mood

8. Laughing uncontrollably at an old memory

9. Boozy brunches

10. Green Machine Naked Juice

11. When my dog gets to run loose on the beach

12. Trader Joe’s Plantain Chips

13. Receiving a kind text, email, or phone call at random

14. Toe socks

15. 75 degree weather #CALIFORNIA

16. Receiving flowers just because

17. Autumn leaves

18. Snow flurries

19. Waiting for my weekly tv show to air

20. Binge-watching Netflix

21. Catching my parents looking at me with pride

22. Snapping the perfect photo sans Instagram filter

23. Getting off work early

24. Finding passion in my job

25. Snuggling with a significant other or best friend or parent

26. Face-timing with an old friend

27. Finding a good bottle of red…

28. And someone to drink that said bottle of red with 🙂

29. The perfect nail polish color

30. A bubble bath

31. Cooking a new dish and it come out perfectly

32. My cozy studio apartment

33. Meal-prepping

34. A good run at the Memorial Loop (Houston)

35. Veggie pizzas

36. A grilled cheese sandwich

37. Old reruns of Friends or Sex And The City or The Office

38. Writing for fun

39. Snuggling under my favorite blanket

40.  The smell of fresh laundry

41. Hummus

42. Spending time with family and losing track of time

43. No alarms on Saturday

44. The beach

45. Bear hugs

46. Prayer beads

47. Stopping to enjoy the sunset

48. Waking up to see the sunrise

49. When my favorite song comes on the moment I turn on the radio

50. My planner #NERD

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