Why Queer Eye is the best show on Netflix right now


Like many others across the country, I’ve been utterly overwhelmed and consumed, in a good great way, with Queer Eye. Queer Eye is a reboot of the original Queer Eye, and it’s so much better. The Fab Five are still on the explicit mission to revamp the lives of men (they’ve done one woman, too!). They help these men, be it straight, gay, looking for love, looking for inspiration, and everything in between, improve various elements of their lives like fashion, room & design, food & health, grooming, and cultural enlightenment. However, I firmly believe that the Fab Five’s primary goal is to build bridges, start uncomfortable conversations, and push themselves and others to come together in the understanding that we’re all human, regardless of our race, beliefs, gender, and sexuality. YAAAS, QUEEN!

Needless to say, the Fab Five have stolen my heart and I find myself channeling my inner Bobby-Karamo-Jonathan-Antoni-Tan when making decisions. These beyond elevated men are changing the way I approach situations. It’s okay to challenge yourself and others, it’s okay to admit to not knowing how to do something, it’s okay to let go, to live, and especially, to love.

5 Lessons I’ve Learned from The Fab 5

  1. Your clothes can make you feel really good about yourself.
    • It is not vain to dress fashionably and spend money on clothes that fit you right and make you FEEL good about yourself. In my last 28 years, it took me quite a while to embrace this. I have always felt somewhat guilty spending my hard-earned money on clothes when I felt like I had enough in my closet already. I’m working on letting go of that guilt, especially now that I’ll be getting married soon and really want to lean into that adult/wife life. I want to look and feel good ALL THE TIME. And I want to fit the part of my almost new title of WIFEY! I’m still going to be a bargain-shopper to the extreme, but I’m definitely realizing, thanks to Tan France, that wanting to look and dress nice is ultimately an extension of self-love. No guilt required!
  2. Your space is where you spend the most of your time! Take care of it.
    • Okay, so this is something I’ve always embraced since I was a little OCD girl who never allowed her siblings to touch her things or enter her space. I’ve toned that side of me down because, let’s face it, no one wants to hang out with someone who can’t share. However,  I’m still someone who really appreciates my living and work spaces. I thrive in open, clutter-free environments and my studio looks straight out of Pinterest, if I do say so myself. What I love about Queer Eye is that Bobby Berk and team really believe in creating functional and beautiful spaces that are a reflection of your personality. You should definitely put thought into how you are designing your space because your space plays a huge role in the energy you’ll create.
  3. Eat (and enjoy) foods that are good for you.
    • Food is a relationship that I’ve struggled with for a good portion of my adult life. I love eating, but I always have a hard time deciding what is okay to put into my body and what’s not. I end up going towards two extremes: 1) eat everything and anything and feel a sort of guilty-happy or 2) eat boring crap for energy purposes and feel annoyed. Neither are sustainable lifestyles, FYI. Antoni Porowski definitely preaches that food is a culturally beautiful experience and as long as your ingredients are clean and fresh, you should be mostly fine to eat what you want to eat. For example, invest in a pasta maker and make some fresh pasta rather than overly processed crap. Or make your own dips and dressings (you really just need an oil base and a splash of acidity… love you Antoni). Honestly, I think if you’re trying to eat what you want to eat, just make sure you’re putting good ingredients into your body and trying to make everything at home (and controlling your portions)! And I mean, to stay fit and healthy, exercising plus tracking what you eat is always a good idea… lol let’s be real. But even Wedding Diet Sabeen says, “EAT, QUEEN!”
  4. Grooming is a feel-good, self-care exercise that you absolutely should partake in.
    • Ah, huge believer in this, but the way Jonathan Van Ness preaches it… I mean, I don’t even know if words do justice for this beautiful human being. He’s literally a ball of energy obsessed with all things pretty. Main message: take care of your hair, skin, and nails DAILY. And do it with some sass and attitude. Yes, some grooming products are expensive, but you can always research ingredients that are good for you and make DIY products or buy inexpensive drug store products. I’m someone who really likes to go natural as often as possible. I don’t like to put too many products in my hair, and I really dislike wearing make-up. A brand I’m starting to look into is Cocokind (post to come soon on this). I recently purchased their 100% vegan and clean highlighters. Basically, I’ll get to put makeup on my skin that won’t feel damaging on my skin. I’ll be rubbing pure beauty into my skin! Can’t wait. Figure out your preferences and invest in products that are good for you and will excite you! Love you, JNV.
  5. Engage in new experiences, put yourself in the unknown and don’t be afraid to rebrand.
    • Karamo Brown is a true genius. He’s just such a calm and kind soul. I think the biggest takeaways from Karamo is that it’s absolutely encouraged to put yourself into the unknown, remain as open-minded as possible and seek to understand. He also really emphasizes the importance of branding, or even re-branding, yourself to fit the person you want and are destined to be.

Dress as if Tan is judging every outfit choice, clean your space as if Bobby is watching, cook as if Antoni is guiding you, groom as if Jonathan is dancing beautiful circles around you, and enlighten and engage in culture as if Karamo is just standing there being Karamo.

Sigh, they’re perfect.

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