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Stop Complaining and Say What You Want to Say

Say what you want to say

Saying everything I want to say is going to be hard for me because I tend to hide behind my writing. When I write, I become a different person. A more confident person. I get to edit and delete things, no one ever knows where I started and what my writing process looked like throughout, they just see the end result. Writing makes me feel safe. And I used writing as a shield for so long that now my thoughts get jumbled up when I do attempt to speak up. I’m not as eloquent as I feel in my head and I end up hardcore screwing up my intonation (like sometimes I yell when I don’t intend to yell and other times I awkwardly mutter things). It’s just easier for me to listen and respond, rather than talk and engage. I’ve gotten so used to this and hiding behind my writing, that I simply don’t speak up as much as I should or want to. I want to change that because saying what I want to say will increase my happiness levels. There’s one caveat: I need to speak my mind more and complain less.

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