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The Sacred Act of Reading

Harry Potter and the Sacred Text

Reading is a sacred act for me. It’s a time that I disconnect from the exoteric world and envelop myself into the words on the page. Books are so important to my well-being that I consider it one of my values and responsibilities to spread that same love for reading to others.

As a reading teacher, I intentionally engage my students in a multitude of texts in hopes of expanding and exciting their minds and hearts. I show my students stories where the main characters are Hispanic, African-American and Asian-American, knowing that this representation gives them confirmation of their existence in this world. I carefully weave in stories about refugees, discrimination, religious persecution, and gender inequality in hopes of enlightening my students about the world around them. I do this because from reading I have learned some of life’s largest lessons and the words on a page have sometimes known me better than I’ve known myself.

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